Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are in the process of developing a new show with which we need your help. Some of these questions may seem a bit bizarre or random but they will help us greatly. Please answer them as truthfully and in as much detail as you can, your answers will of course remain anonymous, however they may make it into the show.

We're counting on you.
Which do you prefer? *

Should you cry in public? *

Why? *

What is your favourite 'romantic gesture' from pop culture? *

I.e. In Love Actually, when Sam learns how to play the drums for the christmas concert in order to impress Joanna only for him to realise that post concert he has missed his chance and chooses to run through Heathrow airport, breaking barriers and the law, just to say hello *GASPS *... 

Sorry this is your moment
What is your favourite word? *

What are the top three things on your to do list? *

Take it as you will.
What words do you not like to be used by the opposite sex? *

If you have a specific reason why, do tell.
Most offensive nickname you have ever been called? *

Do you have a signature style trait? *

Again, do tell.
When was the last time you had a "first" and what was it? *

What is the most suggestive food? *

To look at and to eat. (Separate answers)
Are you ever okay on your own? *

How do you like your eggs? *

At any time of day. (I.e. In the morning?)

Do you make the cut? *

What is inappropriate for the opposite sex to do? *

Which do you prefer? *

What is your age? *

What is the biggest age gap you would date right now? *

Both younger and older please.
Top three things you find attractive in a mate? *

A lover. (teehee)
Most ridiculous argument you have ever had or heard? *

What colour are your pants* right now? *

Do you still play games? *

Do you pick your battles? *

Describe the best kiss you have ever received. *

We want deets.

Seriously. Go into detail.
Do you like your name? *

Have you ever told anyone to smile? *

Cheer up love.
What is the most romantic gift/gesture you have ever received/given? *

Describe yourself in three fictional characters. *

Animated permitted.
When have you ever failed as a man/woman*? *

*Delete as appropriate.
What are your personal ten commandments? *

Please number 1-10 below. The form wont let us.
Do you have anything else you wish to share with us?

hint hint. wink wink. nudge nudge.
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